An elite programming academy that graduates the most skilled developers

Learn.Modern Developer, launched January 2016, is an elite programming academy for web programmers and cybersecurity engineers. We graduate the most knowledgeable, skilled, and relentless developers. Our first cohort, which comprises over 120 students, will graduate in February 2017. Join the second cohort, which begins January 4, 2017.

Ready now
ready now

The most comprehensible and comprehensive digital encyclopedic resource—a considerably better Wikipedia

Encyclopedia will be the most clear, comprehensible, comprehensive, refined, and accurate encyclopedic resource—a considerably better Wikipedia. With meticulous writing and editing, years of research, and ample innovation and creativity, the project may represent the best digital encyclopedic resource humanity can create.

Phase one will launch late 2017
Private Beta

A stealth project that aims to boost developers’ productivity and knowledge

Know provides the technological rhythms and ethos that are crucial and relevant for UI designers, modern developers, and software engineers. It heightens developers' productivity and knowledge.

Late 2017
Late 2017

A sophisticated question-and-answer platform for developers

QA aims to become the most sophisticated and beneficial question-and-answer platform for developers and engineers of every sort.

Private Beta
Late 2017

Where we build groundbreaking projects that advance humanity

Our developers build projects that overwhelm (they don't just solve) many of the problems that afflict mankind and create groundbreaking projects that advance humanity.

Currently in beta—launching late 2017
Late 2017